Video from Hannah – Courageous: A True Story Awarded by AAB Film Festival

Courageous: A True Story continues to gain steam! Two more festivals have awarded the story. See below for a short synopsis for the script. It’s an amazing true story about miracles from God…

“When Pakistani teen Hannah’s father passes away, she faces the harsh reality that to have a future, she must leave her country and her only ticket out is a high level university degree.  Realizing this is an impossible goal for a Christian and a woman in Pakistan, she calls on God to help her overcome the odds and boldly declares that she will get a degree, come what may. 

By night, Hannah struggles to keep up with classes taught entirely in English and by day, she works for a boss who belittles, insults and propositions her.  But God intervenes and uses each setback for good, providing university tuition payments through an anonymous donor, miraculous deliverance from bombings and shootings surrounding the university and the timely award of a golden handshake that triples the amount she applied for even though she didn’t qualify.

Finally, fed up with continual harassment, Hannah reports the mistreatment by her boss, knowing well that doing so could have massive implications and is surprised when the company strips him of his position and awards Hannah a promotion.  With thanks to God for these and other miracles, Hannah triumphs and achieves her dreams.”

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