“Hannah’s Dream”: Our Story Begins…

Detailed Synopsis

Hannah shares with her daughter and husband stories from her youth growing up in Pakistan with her brothers and sisters. The tales tell of a childhood filled with danger, dirty politics, religious issues, persecution of Christians and narrow escapes. Finally, she recounts falling in love with her husband in Dubai and migrating to Canada with her baby daughter.

Hannah, her husband and their daughter go to church where her interest is piqued by the pastor’s sermon on spiritual gifts. She recalls her mother’s many gifts of healing, prophecies, visions and seeing into the future. Hannah speaks with the pastor after the service about her regret of having been too busy with life to heed her mother’s prophetic words that she would be used by God in a mighty way and vows to developing her God-given gifts.

On the night of 19 September 2013 (after receiving Holy Spirit baptism): Hannah has a very vivid dream of a big, beautiful white church in Pakistan and a full congregation inside. Children are singing and acting in a play on the stage, dressed in traditional white for a celebration. There is a pastor dressed in white robes with a red scarf and musicians play during the peaceful service.

Just then, two men covering their faces, holding guns, try to go around the church (as if they are trying to find a way to get into the church building or checking the security), barge into the church, killing the security guards and detonate explosives, leading to a scene of massive carnage and bloodshed. Hannah sees round small ball shape bullets with sharp small nails which shatter many children and women’s bodies apart. Present for all of this, Hannah hears the sound of emergency vehicles arriving to whisk men, women and children to an overcrowded hospital. Many are dead with body parts inside and outside the church building. Finally in her dream, she sees a massive funeral with many women sitting next to coffin boxes crying and beating themselves in grief as they cannot see the faces of their loved ones. The whole community, church and many other people join the mourning families in the streets. A massive funeral mass takes place with a long line of graves and many people lining the roads.

Hannah wakes in a panicked sweat, feeling the dream was very real, as if she were there, seeing everything with her own eyes and hearing the screams and cries. She feels the exhaustion of one who had actually been there helping at the church and inside the hospital.

Hannah shares her dream with her husband. He tries to assure her it was just a dream but recalls some of her past dreams coming true and must hide his apprehension. She says a prayer and does her best to go back to her normal life, but continues to be haunted by the images she saw. Over the next three days, she clutches her chest, barely able to breathe and cries as if someone in her own family has passed away.

As she goes about her daily life, grocery shopping with her husband and child, she feels all of this disturbance and pain in her heart. Her husband comes to her side, finding her in desperate pain as if something very important of hers is lost. Hannah asks him to turn on the television. As he turned on the TV, the first news is about the bomb blast at the Church in Pakistan. There on the screen, the scene of her dream seems to her as if she has seen this blast before. Trying to remember where she has seen it, she opens her dream journal and finds her entry from three days prior. Watching the real-life chaos and blood, Hannah collapses in grief. She watches the footage of her dream splashed across the television screen, playing out before her in real life. She collapses in grief as she mourns the very real carnage she witnesses.

Distraught, Hannah visits her pastor and asks him how this could have happened and what she should have done when God showed her these things in her dream. They explore Biblical passages (Daniel, Genesis, Revelation and many others) together and conclude that she does have a spiritual gift of having dreams, visions and hearing from God so that she can pray for those who don’t yet know what is going to happen. She repents, asking God’s forgiveness and promises that she will take seriously all the dreams and visions she receives. Her faith renewed, Hannah accepts her supernatural gift and commits to God that she will devote herself to the will of God, fulfilling the desire of her mom and helping the Christians under persecution in Pakistan.

In the dark at her home that night, Hannah prays on her knees, asking God to send more people, finances and volunteers to help the victims. The Bible verses written out by the pastor are taped to the wall along with new ones under a cross wall hanging. She pauses to write what she hears or sees while praying. She commits to spending more time at the feet of God interceding for those who God puts a burden on her heart, praying, fasting and getting in touch with other churches and the community for awareness and support.

Children’s voices can be heard singing as candlelight vigils are held in cities all around the world in the honor of those who died in Peshawar. Hannah attends a candlelight vigil in Canada with her husband and child.

“The attack on All Saints Church in Peshawar was the deadliest attack on Pakistani Christians to date. Some entire families were killed. Others were left with just a single survivor.”

In bright daylight, the little girl dressed in white walks with crutches as one of her legs is completely gone. She walks into the church, the only one left of her large family. Under her image, the screen reads: Hannah is inspired to send prayers and financial, moral and medical support to helpless Pakistani Christians being persecuted and still living in danger zones. She began a non-profit organization called U R The Inspiration Foundation for this cause. If God touches your heart to help support the Pakistani Christians being persecuted please contact Hannah Ratnam.