Hannah’s biography

I am a fourth generation Christian born and raised in Pakistan by my prayer warrior mother whose unwavering faith was an inspiration to me and my six siblings.  After facing persecution and an increasingly dangerous political climate, she encouraged us to leave the country any way we could.  So I worked hard to obtain an MBA degree and with God’s guidance, secured a job in Dubai where I met and married my husband Ratnam and had a daughter named Angelica.  God then opened a door so that we could immigrate to Canada where we live today. My first prophetic dream was at the age of nine years old when I saw my niece in a dream just prior to anyone learning that my sister was pregnant. Since then I have seen many events in my dreams that have later come to pass.  I have found God to be faithful and merciful to me showing me His will.  As with all people, I was born a sinner and was not walking in faith when God showed me these events in dreams. I was too busy in my worldly life. Still, God chose me to be His servant. Words cannot express my gratitude to the Lord for choosing me for His mission and vision to complete while on earth in this life. I arrived in Canada and rededicated my life to God and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Today I spend many hours a day in prayer to God and receive many dreams and visions from Him.  As a result I am able to be a blessing to others by praying for them at the right time when they might not even be aware that they need prayer.  I have also received miraculous healings from my own major health problems and for my family as well. The date of my first vision was 11 September 2011 at the time of my Holy Spirit baptism. Since then God has shown me many things about individuals, governments, situations, etc. I do hear a voice when there is something wrong happening, such as someone talking bad about someone else or when God wants to show someone who needs prayer. Inspired by the many miracles I have experienced, my goal has become to share God’s voice that I have heard with others through film and any other medium that God can use.  I hope to use my stories to inspire others to have a more profound relationship with God and to experience more fully His presence the way I have been privileged to do. I have also been overcome with love and compassion for the many Christians still suffering in my native country of Pakistan and wish to raise funds to help them through U R the Inspiration Foundation.


Strong in her Christian faith, Hannah was born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan. She became a Canadian citizen and has been living for the past 10 years in Vancouver BC. Her father passed away on 13 November 1991 and she persevered through extreme hardships from the age of 9 until 28, eventually to earn an MBA degree and flee from Pakistan to Dubai. She migrated from Dubai to Canada in March 2009 and mourned her mother’s passing on 19 February 2010. As she had just moved to Canada, she was not able to visit her family and pay her respects before the funeral. She continues always to be guided by her mother, standing strong in her faith, supporting others with prayers, reading the Bible and motivating others with her faith in God. At nine years old, Hannah’s first prophetic dream was of her unborn baby niece. She shared the dream with her mom just before they received the call from her sister that she was pregnant. Her dream came to pass and the beautiful dream girl was born. Only Hannah’s mom knew the gifts God blessed her with and she protected her daughter from worldly things. Hannah had many dreams over the years but she didn’t know what to do as a result of them. She only shared the dreams with her mother who knew that Hannah had been chosen by God to do amazing things. Every time Hannah had a dream, it would come to pass, sometimes within three days or up to one year later. Her mom protected her from everything and anything around her in her childhood until she got married and her mom passed away.