“Courageous: A True Story” Feature Script

From the award-winning writers of “Hannah’s Dream”


With society and even friends and family against her, a bold and determined Christian girl must rely on God to help her fight for the university education that will help her escape a life of persecution in Pakistan.


When Hannah’s teenage daughter Angelica complains about school, she decides it’s time to share with her the uncensored tale of her own school experience growing up in Pakistan.

The daughter of a fierce Christian prayer warrior mother, she recounts growing up empowered by God to protect herself and her siblings from the kidnappers breaking into classrooms and predators on their walks home.  

When her father passes away, she faces the harsh reality that to have a future, she must leave Pakistan and her only ticket out is a high level university degree. After pleading for help from a friend with university connections who rejects her ambition as impossible for a Christian and a woman, she realizes that only God can help her overcome the odds and asks her mother to pray for her. She boldly declares that she will get a degree, no matter what.

Hannah sets to work, beginning by asking the strictest teacher in school to help her learn English while she works, studies and applies to university.  

Needing a way to pay for her education, Hannah lands a high-paying job, but learning of her ambitions, her boss Waseem belittles her, insults her and forbids her from studying.

Hannah however receives a miracle when an anonymous donor provides her entire first year’s university payment and with thanks to God, she officially enrolls.

Learning of her continued success, Waseem propositions Hannah, tempting her to drop out of school, become his mistress and be rich beyond her dreams. When she rejects his advances and puts him in his place once and for all, he retaliates by destroying her school books. Fed up with a lifetime of harassment, Hannah reports Waseem to security. To her surprise, he is demoted while she is given a private office where her new boss Lawrence tells her she can study to her heart’s content.

Short of money needed to finish her degree, Hannah prays once more. Her company then announces a golden handshake and though she doesn’t qualify, she applies. Shockingly, they award it to her and she receives triple the amount she was dreaming of, enough to pay for the remainder of her university degree. With Lawrence in disbelief, she shares with him that her Bible verse has come true; God has given her the desires of her heart.

At university, Hannah shares her final presentation before the class on the mistreatment of young Christian women, earning her a surprising round of applause and finally, the MBA degree she has worked so hard for.  

As she finishes her story, Angelica sees how God turned her mother’s hardship into good, established her steps and delivered her from Pakistan to Dubai, then Canada for a brighter future.