New Screenplay Completed for “Courageous: A True Story”

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us through our journey and if you’ve just joined us, this is an update we are very excited to share! While most of our team was busy applying for funding and grants to boost production of our successful and award-winning first screenplay “Hannah’s Dream”, Hannah and Shelly wereContinue reading “New Screenplay Completed for “Courageous: A True Story””

More Award Updates

Indo French International Film Festival has selected Believe Short Script and Hannah’s Dream Feature Script as official selections! Praise God! Hannah’s Dream selected for Christian Film Festival and Awarded by Canadian Cinematography Awards! We are so happy to continue sharing our good news with everyone who is supporting us and praying. Our every effort isContinue reading “More Award Updates”

Winner! Best Screenplay, Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival

We are so happy to announce that our feature screenplay Hannah’s Dream tied for the top spot of Best Screenplay at CIFF! We know so many were praying with us and we are so grateful. God clearly has big plans for this story and we can’t wait to see where this road takes us! AContinue reading “Winner! Best Screenplay, Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival”