Photo Gallery


The first person I spoke with was Mr. Paul, he encouraged me to come to ICVM and meet the great people their and share my stories.


Mr. Cameron Arnett was the first man of God who advised me to write the script if I need my stories to on the big screen. Blessing to meet his beautiful wife BJ Billi Arnett.
3rd great man of God Mr. Brian Bird, he also told me to start writing my stories and make connection with the industry to get connected. Honor to meet him and learn from his great experience.
Great group of ICVM


David and his beautiful daughter at ICVM


Great judges who gave Angelica to announce the children awards


great team of ICVM


Great team of ICVM


Shelly with actress Candace Kirkpatrick and Singer Lyndsey McCabe at Content 2020
Hannah’s Dream awarded Best Screenplay at Content 2020
Michael W. Smith performing live at Content 2020
Comedian, supporter and friend Leland Klassen emceeing the award ceremony for Content 2021
Our second script nominated at Content 2021
Our second script wins Best Screenplay at Content 2021
Screenwriter Shelly Paino with Festival Organizer Tim Shields at Content 2021