Hannah’s Dream

Feature Script


Hannah’s Dream is the supernatural true story of a Christian woman who escapes persecution in Pakistan and through a prophetic dream of the deadliest bomb blast in a church there, God reveals to her a spiritual gift she can use to help the Christians she left behind.

Genre: Drama, True Story


Strong Christian Hannah grows up in Pakistan amid constant danger and narrow escapes but is always guided by her mother and her powerful faith in God, teaching and motivating her children to stand strong, pray constantly and memorize Bible verses. During her teenage years, her world is rocked by hardship but she perseveres to earn a degree and flee from Pakistan to Dubai. Finally, she falls in love, marries, and immigrates to Canada with her husband and baby daughter.

Years later while mourning her mother’s passing, a sermon on spiritual gifts piques Hannah’s interest. She recalls her mother’s gifts of healing and seeing into the future and her mother prophetically telling her she would be used by God in a profound way. She prays with her pastor, asking God to help her develop her spiritual gifts. 

That night, Hannah has a vivid dream of children dressed for a celebration at a church in Pakistan. As the children begin singing, two men barge into the church and detonate explosives, leading to a scene of massive carnage and bloodshed. Emergency vehicles whisk men, women, and children to an overcrowded hospital. She joins mourning families in the streets and at a massive funeral.

She wakes in a panic, feeling the dream was very real. Her husband tries to assure her it was just a dream but recalls her past dreams coming true and must hide his apprehension. She prays and does her best to go back to normal life, but continues to be haunted by the images she saw.  

Three days later on the news, Hannah suddenly sees the footage of her dream splashed across the television screen, playing out before her in real life. The attack on All Saints Church in Peshawar is the deadliest of its kind on Christians in Pakistan. Shocked to her core, she mourns the deaths of over a hundred men, women, and children. 

Distraught, Hannah asks her pastor how this could have happened and what she should have done. Exploring Biblical passages together, they conclude Hannah has a spiritual gift of being able to hear from God and pray for those who don’t yet know what’s going to happen. When Hannah decries this gift as a curse after what she’s seen, he tells her she can refuse the gift if she chooses. But remembering the victims of her dream, she accepts her gift. 

Those responsible for the bombing argue amongst themselves that the amount of explosive used should have destroyed the church and left no survivors, forever unaware that Hannah’s prayers helped change the course of history.

Hannah and countless others around the globe join that night in candlelight vigils and protests calling for an end to the persecution. She rises before dawn the next morning and every morning thereafter to devote herself to fervent prayer for those God shows her in her dreams.

Hannah’s dream: Three days before the bomb blast dated 19 September 2013

Location of blast: All Saints Church, Peshawar, Pakistani Christians (Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan)

Dated : 22 September 2013 bomb blast

Deaths : 127, Non fatal injuries : 250

Motive : Religious discrimination in Pakistan, Persecution of Christians, War in North-West Pakistan