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We are a creative film and video production company based in Vancouver

The mission is to make films and use the funds God provides to create a pathway for Christians to break free from countries where they are unsafe, persecuted and enslaved with no hope for the future.  Once safely in their new country, they will work to become self-sufficient and then help new families to escape to safety and life as well.

The vision of Supernatural Stories is to make films and use the funds God provides to create a pathway for Christians to settlement where they are safe,  Once safely in their new country, they will work to become self-sufficient and then help new families to settle to a safe place.

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Jason Barbeck

Executive Director, Actor and Producer


“Hannah’s Dream” takes you on a journey of not just self discovery but revelation of one’s spiritual walk. It is a glimpse into where we might be heading when we embrace our faith in something bigger than ourselves. This screenplay was well received and our audiences at CIFF look forward to seeing the movie one day.  A very      inspirational piece.

Another script “Hannah’s Dream”, is going to be another jam, after reading the logline and synopsis, I felt we must all support this story to make a film soon. This is today’s real life issues which needs to be addressed worldwide. As “Hannah’s Dream” has won so many awards. I am very sure “BOLD” and many of her other coming scripts will win around the world as well. I wish her the best for all her hard work, determination and passion.

Mike Wech



I would urge you to seriously consider funding grants for  “Hannah’s stories.” All are incredible true story that deserves to be seen. Creator Hannah Ratnam has surrounded herself with a strong team of professionals to bring her vision to life.

Her scripts are rock solid and with proper funding support, the film can become a viable business entity. I trust that the money would be well   spent and that Hannah would execute this film with the highest integrity, passion and skill.

From my observation, Hannah Ratnam is serious, professional and determined to see this project through to completion. She has taken direction well and continues to exhibit a strong desire to move forward with her vision, taking the time to complete all the necessary steps to make it happen.

She has a desire to learn, grow and expand her craft as a filmmaker and producer and understands the value of attaching the right team to meet the standards of a production.

Thank you for considering Hannah’s stories and I am proud to associate myself with this project.

Mark Cramer

Writer and Producer


I am writing this letter of support for Hannah and her project Hannah’s Dream’s. Because I’m a big fan
of Hannah and her story and I would love to see it made into a movie.

As a writer and producer with 30 years of experience I am very impressed with Hannah and her vision for this project. It is a subject matter that needs attention and it requires a brave, inspired,
highly motivated visionary, and Hannah is all of those things and more. The script for Hannah’s Dream’s is well written, as the many awards will attest to, and will make a wonderful movie.

I am happy to lend my support in whatever way I can to further the project. I’m rooting for Hannah, and happy to come alongside her, both to help make a difference and change the world in a positive way.

R. W. Nelson

President. Pax Veritas Media LLC"


“Dear Hannah; Congratulations on winning 13 awards in motion picture awards for your script ‘Hannah’s Dream.’ What an achievement!

As the former president of two former distribution companies within the Christian film and video industry (People To People Productions and New Life Films), I firmly believe “Hannah’s Dream”, has the potential to be a ‘crossover’ production to mainstream distribution outlets. It’s message and themes of persecution, human rights abuses, and discrimination is a topic needing exposure and public discussion. I look forward to assisting your efforts toward all avenues of distribution, domestically (North American) and internationally.

I also look forward to assisting you in building your above-the-line production team. My production experience includes ‘Sketches of an Artist’ (producer), ‘Bird In A Cage’ (production manager), ‘Super Carrier’ (American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Warner Brothers Co., independent motion pictures, and numerous productions for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

The journey of “Hannah’s Dream”, moving from script to the screen is a project I am very excited to being a part of. Through perseverance, dedication, and teamwork, I truly believe this will be a successful motion picture project. From script to screen,


New Award Wins and Crowdfunding Updates!

On September 25, 2022

Please join the Hannah’s Dream Team in praising God for honoring our work with recognition from the film festival community… Palm Springs Shorts awarded Hannah’s Dream Short Film the top honors as the Best Human Rights Film and also named Shahsaz – True Story as a semi-finalist! Vancouver Movie Awards also selected both short films Hannah’s Dream
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Nawada International Film Festival Award Results!

On September 23, 2022

Nawada International Film Festival has now held its award ceremony and awarded Hannah’s Dream Short Film with the Best First-time Filmmakers Award! This short film and others are available to watch on the Supernatural Stories YouTube Page.  Every view, share and subscriber helps us tremendously and we appreciate your support! Don’t forget our crowdfunding page is
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Shelly Piano

Script Writer

Hannah Ratnam

Director & Producer

Jennifer Tadlock


N.P Ratnam

Multimedia Producer

Peter Vermeulen

Songwriter & Composer

Suleman Sadeeq

Social Media

Edward Ladner


Mike Wech


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