Jennifer Tadlock


Jennifer Tadlock has over 25 years experience in the film industry. She
has worked with companies and clients such as Pringles, Mercedes
Benz, Target, Sprint, Pizza Hut, HBO, Showtime, Netflix, the Dr. Drew
show and Millenium films. She has been a panelist at Sundance and
other film finance conferences. She made her Directing debut while
implementing a film institute at Bossier Parish Community College in
Lousiana and won her first Gold with an all student crew. She has
Directed 7 films to date including being the Director and
Producer of Award winning films STREETS OF HOPE starring Michael
Badalucco and Avan Jogia and LAST CURTAIN CALL both released and
streaming on several digital platforms. LAST CURTAIN CALL is currently
part of a nationwide theatrical release to benefit Alzheimers.
She has Line Produced such films as VICTORY BY SUBMISSION starring
Alan Autry, Lee Majors, Eric Roberts and Fred Williamson, MUSCLE
DRAGGER, starring Ryan Ochoa ( Disney star), EMERALD RUN starring
John Schnieder, (Dukes of Hazzard)Steven E. Williams, (21 Jump Street),
David Chokachi (Bay Watch) and Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2,
Commando). She also Co-Produced THE DIVIDE starring Perry King that
was released in 2020.