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New Screenplay Completed for “Courageous: A True Story”

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us through our journey and if you’ve just joined us, this is an update we are very excited to share! While most of our team was busy applying for funding and grants to boost production of our successful and award-winning first screenplay “Hannah’s Dream”, Hannah and Shelly wereContinue reading “New Screenplay Completed for “Courageous: A True Story””

“Believe” Voted Fan Favorite at CFF in addition to Best Script!

Many thanks to the audience who attended Christian Film Festival who voted our short script “Believe” as the Fan Favorite! CFF is the #1 reviewed Christian film festival in the world. Its creator Rich Collins writes, “Congratulations ‘Believe’ by Hannah Ratnam, a 2021 Christian Film Festival Award Winner for Best Script Fan Favorite (Hannah Ratnam, Shelly Paino), and BestContinue reading ““Believe” Voted Fan Favorite at CFF in addition to Best Script!”

“Hannah’s Dream” Awarded by KIIFA!

Kashi Indian International Film Festival awarded Hannah’s Dream with Best Screenplay – Women. We are honored to have been awarded and happy to announce the 13th win to date for “Hannah’s Dream”! Thank you to all who are praying and supporting us!

Canadian Cinematography Award Win!

A big thanks to Canadian Cinematography Awards and of course to everyone who is partnering with us, praying with us and supporting us! The screenplay continues to do well as evidence of God’s blessing on this project. We are very grateful and excited for this win.

More Award Updates

Indo French International Film Festival has selected Believe Short Script and Hannah’s Dream Feature Script as official selections! Praise God! Hannah’s Dream selected for Christian Film Festival and Awarded by Canadian Cinematography Awards! We are so happy to continue sharing our good news with everyone who is supporting us and praying. Our every effort isContinue reading “More Award Updates”

Hannah’s Dream Awarded Best First Time Screenwriter Live at Content 2020 Christian Film Festival

Content 2020 Christian Film Festival and Media Summit was a live four-day event held February 1st through 4th, 2021 at Capernaum Studios outside of Dallas, Texas. The awards ceremony was webcast live. Shelly Paino was present to accept the award of Best First Time Screenwriter on behalf of herself and Hannah Ratnam for the featureContinue reading “Hannah’s Dream Awarded Best First Time Screenwriter Live at Content 2020 Christian Film Festival”


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