Breaking Headlines Prove It’s Time For Courageous’ True Story To Be Told!

Our feature film script Courageous tells the true story of miracles God performed to provide an amazing path for Hannah to attend university in Pakistan during a time when it was dangerous for a woman, and a Christian to boot, to do so. Recent headlines prove it’s as important as ever to tell this story, since the Taliban has declared a ban on women attending university, followed by a ban on girls attending school altogether. Here’s just one of the many news stories.  According to The Pour Over, The bans sparked quick international condemnation, but we believe seeing Hannah’s story will inspire women and leaders all over the globe with hope and faith in God who can and will make a way where there is no way.  It’s what He’s famous for.

Please visit and share the link to Hannah’s unbelievable true story on our website.  You can also consider giving toward our funding to make this film through the link below.  Now is the time for this multi-award-winning story to make it to the big screen.

Thank you for your support!

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