Courageous: A True Story Wins at Cinemagic Film Festival!

Courageous: A True Story, the amazing tale of God’s miracles and providence that helped Hannah achieve an MBA degree in a country where that is nearly impossible for a Christian and a woman has won the Award of Excellence at Cinemagic Film Fest making our team back-to-back winners!  Hannah’s Dream won the award in 2021.

The following was sent by the film festival:

“CONGRATULATIONS for being a 2022 CineMagic Film Fest Award Winner of an Award of Excellence for your Screenplay, “Courageous – A True Story of Hannah” in the Screenplay Category.

WE toast to you and your team for your success with your Screenplay!  You and your Team have risen to the top, and we recognize all of your hard work, dedication, and your great achievements!

As an Award Winner, your Project has been uploaded to our CineMagic Film Fest Website,  Our Team is working diligently around the clock to create Project Posters for each Award Winner this year, along with your Winning Laurels.  Our team stands with you and is committed to helping you with the promotion of your Project.  We have publicly announced your Award and in the coming days, your Award can be viewed listed on our Festival Website: under the 2022 AWARD WINNERS; or click CineMagic Film Fest WINNERS CIRCLE to view.”

Cinemagic’s upcoming Awards Event is scheduled for December 30, 2022.  We are honored and praise God for this recognition.  We can’t wait to see Hannah’s story on the big screen where it is sure to inspire the next generation to ask God for what they think is impossible!  Thank you as always for your support!


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