Both Scripts Win 1st and 3rd Place at Nieves Int’l Christian Film Festival!

We are proud to announce that both of our feature film scripts have been honored by Nieves International Christian Film Festival in Florida. The Award Ceremony was hosted on February 27th.

We believe that God is honoring these two stories and opening doors for these two films to be made. We hope that they both increase people’s faith as well as raise money to help persecuted Christians in Pakistan and the rest of the world.

Thank you for your prayers that God’s will will be realized.

We will be sure to post photographs of our awards when they arrive.

Published by shalliplayforhim

Shelly Paino is a produced and award-winning screenwriter who has been writing for over twenty years, completing twelve features and over a dozen short scripts. Produced works include the short titled Sorry and short stage plays. She served as the organizer of the Orange County Screenwriters Group for several years and often provides feedback to other writers and filmmakers.  She has also worked on several sets as an extra and production assistant.  In other writing, Shelly has a published freelance article, blogs for and compiled and wrote the introduction to historical memoir “On the Horizon: From British Society to the American Frontier” currently for sale on Amazon.

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