Hannah’s Dream and Believe to be Joined Shortly by a New Script Nearing Completion

One of my favorite stories of Hannah’s is the story of her pursuit of a college degree.  It’s the story I’m working on writing into a screenplay as we speak.

I think the most challenging thing about this story will be to try to convey to the audience how arduous the road is for women living in Pakistan to fight for a higher education.  It was very eye-opening to learn how much Hannah was belittled and told over and over that it was not meant to be that a woman, especially a Christian woman would earn a degree.

Having been raised in America where freedom of religion is a bedrock of our founding, the idea that someone’s religious beliefs would cause them to have different rights (or none at all) is completely foreign.  Which is not to say that it’s surprising given the sin nature we are all born with.  We know that those in power will always try to bend others to their beliefs.

There are also certainly fields in the U.S. that are dominated by men, but as a woman I have not been told that I cannot go into these fields or to choose something else because it’s simply not an option for me.  If I feel something is impossible, it’s usually a feeling that comes from inside of me, not something someone else is telling me.  I love that Hannah took the naysayers and turned their negativity around to energize her toward achieving her goal.  I have had friends in my life who have said, “The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t.”

I will strive to infuse this script with that same bold spirit and hope the film made from it will serve to inspire people everywhere to use those negative voices (both internal and external) as fuel to help us persevere.  “…Because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”  -Romans 5: 3 & 4

We’re so glad you’ve chosen to join us on this journey and can’t wait to unveil the new script. Stay tuned!

Published by shalliplayforhim

Shelly Paino is a produced and award-winning screenwriter who has been writing for over twenty years, completing twelve features and over a dozen short scripts. Produced works include the short titled Sorry and short stage plays. She served as the organizer of the Orange County Screenwriters Group for several years and often provides feedback to other writers and filmmakers.  She has also worked on several sets as an extra and production assistant.  In other writing, Shelly has a published freelance article, blogs for Hannahratnam.com and compiled and wrote the introduction to historical memoir “On the Horizon: From British Society to the American Frontier” currently for sale on Amazon.

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