Interview with Hannah by Pastor Derrick of CLA Church, Langley BC on CIFF Best Screenplay Win for Hannah’s Dream

In my life, the only time I heard about Pakistan was in the news.  And the news regarding it was never good.  Through the writing of this project, I have been blessed to get to know a very different Pakistan than the one I understood. 

The way I now understand it, Pakistan was once a very different place than it is today, a place where people of any faith were meant to live and worship the way they chose.  Some try to claim this is still the case today but in reality, this is a goal stated, not a goal realized.  

I will admit I was surprised to learn that Christians in Pakistan even exist but they certainly do.  Anywhere from 2-5% of Pakistan is Christian.  But that is pretty much the extent of what Christians are allowed to do there.  Exist.  

Many Christians are viewed by the majority to be in the same class as a dog; allowed to exist, but not allowed near the food lest they touch it and contaminate it.  They have been relegated to slums surrounded by large walls.  When they leave to go to their job, the job is menial servant work.  Their reality is constant threats, violence, abduction, rape and even murder.

The bad news is, things are getting worse for Christians in Pakistan and in other countries all over the world.  Growing up in America where freedom of religion is at the cornerstone of our founding, it’s frightening to learn that in some countries, killing of innocent Christians is commonplace.

Through Hannah’s Dream and the other stories we hope to bring to the big screen, our aim is to bring awareness and help to these Christians.  Please watch Hannah’s interview above to see how you can help.

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