Our Journey Continues

Today I asked Hannah to clarify her dream and vision as we are embarking on this journey as we will need to be clear about where we are going, not just for the sake of telling other people but to keep in mind ourselves.  

There is a lot of advice thrown around in the screenwriting world but one tip I have always remembered.  A very successful screenwriter named Blake Snyder suggested writing your logline (a one-sentence description of your movie) on a sticky note and putting it to the wall next to the computer monitor so that if you get on a tangent or get distracted, you can always glance at it, remember why you began writing this in the first place and get back on track.  

I thought of this advice just the other day as I’m getting ready to commence writing on a new story and again today when Hannah sent me her reply.  Her words will serve as our figurative sticky note so that we can always be reminded of our primary aim. 

The aim for UR the Inspiration Foundation is to make films and use the funds God provides to create a pathway for Christians to escape countries where they are unsafe, persecuted and enslaved with no hope for the future.  Once safely in their new country, they will work to become self-sufficient and then help new families to escape to safety and life as well.

I’m excited to embark on this journey.  Please check back for regular blog posts and updates.

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