Just The Beginning

By: Shelly Paino

I won’t blog, you can’t make me.  that was my initial response to blogging when it first came about.  Then again, blogging was very trendy at that point and I tend to rebel against trendy things.

Now I enjoy reading blogs and even did a blog entry on a short-lived recipe blog with my cousins.  Other than that, I had no reason to blog.  

Until I met Hannah.  

We met on a Facebook page about Christian filmmaking.  She simply posted that she was looking for a screenwriter to write her story into a script, so reached out.  In the subsequent phone call, I met one of the most fascinating people I have ever encountered and heard her equally fascinating story.  

I told her I was honored to meet her and we became fast friends.  Writing her story was going to prove to be a challenge since the life I’ve lived was vastly different from hers.  She was born in Pakistan to a stay at home mom and a high level oil company executive.  I was born in America to a bank teller and a mechanic.  She had seven siblings, I had one.  She earned an MBA, I took one college class on screenwriting.

So I felt if this blog were to be about something (besides the efforts we are taking to get Hannah’s stories to the big screen of course), it should be about not just the ways Hannah and I are different, but also about the amazing ways we are alike.  About the common bond we have found as sisters in Christ and the ways she is inspiring me and I hope many of you to pursue a closer walk with God.

I hope you’ll join us and subscribe “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds…” (Hebrews 10:24)

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